The Ultimate Safe Nuclear Reactor

The Molten Salt Reactor: A Radio-Active Waste Incinerator

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If New Delhi were powered by nuclear energy, it would appear as it does in the lower frame, the pollution in the upper frame cleared by lockdown.  Ironically, it is estimated that thousands of lives were saved that would have perished due to air pollution. This plus issues of global warming are a strong call for implementation of carbon free nuclear power.

The material within is sampling of rationale taken from present day worldwide efforts to implement the Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) as a means to replace global warming energy sources with carbon-free nuclear energy. The material is provided as a PowerPoint. Feel free to use what you might find helpful; just acknowledge where the material came from. A brief sampling of the attributes of the MSR are: it can incinerate radio-active waste, it is imbued with passive safety needs no outside intervention to maintain safety. It is far cheaper to fabricate than a Pressurized Water Reactor which has been till now the workhorse providing nuclear energy for public use. The MSR requires no pressurization, hence cannot blow up as have other PWRs, the PWRs a holdover from 1950s' technology. The thermal efficiency of the MSR is also much higher.

An  additional paper has been added arguing against the emplacement of a pebble bed reactor in South Africa.  I wrote the paper. The advise was ignored. After cost runups of 10-20 billion South African rand...a heavy economic burden on the country... the government finally cut off funding.  It was never operational.